My Sister Move to Jakarta

After 7 years stay in Surabaya city, My sister move to Jakarta by today. She move together with her family. I will miss her, because only her that stay in Surabaya with me. Her husband got scholarship school in Jakarta, to study in STAN (Sekolah Tinggi Akutansi Negara). Now only me and my wife still stay in Surabaya, I have wishes to my God, I wish she will back again in surabaya after her husband has finish the school. So, me and my sister will stay in the same city. I will missing my nephew also, they are very cute and handsome boy.

Ok my sister, take care of you. be the best girl, wife and mom for your family. I love u, I waiting for you back to Surabaya. God bless you my sister. be happy and always smile ok.....

Oh ya, I hope I can visit you in near feature... C U....


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