KDE 4 Panel and Oxygen Style

2 weeks before KDE 4 will be release, now still in RC 1 phase. The plasma concept of the KDE is very nice and powerfull for the desktop computing, specially in linux. But, the most important thing that should to do right now is for panel area. The panel of KDE 4 still look ugly, the panel look not very nice yet, the systray just now functional and also in development, because klipper icon no have transparent icon for the border, so if you try it, you will see some white border arround the klipper icon in systry. Task bar very-very ugly too, the higher of the taskbar every application that already running, is too hight. I think, every part of plasma in KDE 4 is very important thing, but panel should more functional first. Why..? the panel is the main area for launch the application, to know what application is running, and show the information about everything that run in the desktop. I disappointed about it. Maybe someone right, that KDE not in RC phase, but still in alpha.

And, the appearance of the KDE 4, specially in style so very nice, and just little that I am not comfortable with it. The scrollbar have waste space in the right and left of the scrollbar, and in progressbar also look very thick progress bar. I think look nice if the progress bar thickness become the thickness of the scrollbar. And if we try to reach the menu in every application, the menu style not finish yet to polish. The menu look flat, and contrast, we don't know what menu that we clicked and difficult to find the border of the menu.

I hope in near feature or short time before KDE 4 release, some crucial part already done and more stable. Honestly i am very disappointed for this one, but i still love KDE.


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