Mandriva 2007.1 PowerPack : Some Package Not Included

3 days ago I installed Mandriva 2007.1 (Mandriva Spring), its look beautifull look and feel. The boot loader now using GRUB and not using LILO anymore. But, I disappointed that inside the 1 DVD of Mandriva Spring has some or alot of packages not available. I know about it during I try to install from source the digikam application, and need some devel packages. but, after I looking for the package inside the DVD, i don't found its. So sad....., because the PowerPack edition usually got complete "devel" packages inside.

Today I try to download some RPM packages, and also download some new packages from source and compile by my self. I wish it can solve my problem.

And I am very dislike the default KMenu button!!!! how to change that??!!! some body can help me to change this one into the KMenu icons?

UPDATE : I found the solution to change the KMenu button after ask in mandriva milis. To change into default I try to follow the instruction from here


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